Jakob Monefeldt

AboutWelcome to jakobmonefeldt.com – my digital hideout. Here, I've compressed a snapshot of who I am, a journey through my creative odyssey sofar...

So I’m Jakob – an adaptable and spacious creative spirit, curious about other people and I appreciate a good dialogue. I’m a creative who thrives on change and always motivated for new learnings. I’ve worked within the field of creative and strategic design, digital product design, visual storytelling and creative execution, marketing and design management for more than 15 years.

I work with visual communication and design across media, paying close attention to the little details that bring creativity to life. I thrive as part of a team, but I'm just as comfortable working on solo. When it comes to strategic design, I take a balanced approach—mixing creativity with a keen eye for analysis and precision.

Last but not least I appreciate a good laugh and a relaxed, but serious, atmosphere, which ultimately make life a little more fun and unpretentious.

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Reach out if you’re curious to know more. I collect gooeople and inspiring conversations. Therefore, I always appreciate mail.

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